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No more waiting; We believe in fast and efficient.
ShortKlip editors deliver creative results in 24 hours, guaranteed.

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Upload video, audio, and photos directly into the ShortKlips platform. You’re 1 step closer to monetizing unused assets!



Answer a few qualifying questions so our editor gets a feel for what you want to create. Click submit.

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Within a day, receive your clip and put it to use right away. This is the way video creation should be!

Who’s Using ShortKlips

Designed For Ease.
Made For Speed.

Uses of ShortKlips

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Short videos are perfect to test Pay Per Click campaigns, pre-roll on youtube, and grab audience attention fast, all cost effectively.

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New products, concepts, and ideas need explaining. ShortKlips allows for easy deployment of video in educational scenarios.

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Spec Creative

Proof of concepts done overnight. You can quickly make ideas come to life to bring to your next pitch, customer meeting, creative brief.

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Company Story

Tell your story and connect. Use real footage of your team, look professional, and let customers know why you do what you do.

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Event Recaps

Had an event? Planning on one? Know your guests will get a recap of the fun by the next morning. Quickly address your audience without the hassle.

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Your Own Idea

Don’t limit yourself to our suggestions, get as creative as you like. We can help create a video for your needs.

ShortKlips is for you;

You have unused media content laying around in the cloud or on a hard drive?

You think video editing is tough or you don’t have time to learn.

Your current video solution is overwhelmed or too slow.

You need quick turnaround on creative.

You used automatic video editing apps, and didn’t have a great experience.

You like 100% guarantees.

FAQ, Because We Have Answers

No Footage? No Problem.

We understand, not everyone is a cinematographer. Sometimes you need a little help on the creative side.

We can handle it. Contact the creative team for the white glove treatment.

24 Hours Seems Fast, Can You Deliver?

Of course.

Unlike other creative marketplaces, we built this platform from the ground up for 1 purpose, delivering great videos fast, in as few clicks as possible.

If we don’t meet your expectations, no problem, our service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Who's Editing My Video?

Real people.

That’s the most exciting part about ShortKlips. You get the expertise of a talented video editor near you. We call these cool people ShortKlippers. Some are military veterans, some are agency freelancers, and others are from Hollywood post-production houses. No searching or asking around town, we have you covered and matched with the best person for the job.

How Is My Video Delivered

Directly to your account, stored forever.

Our editors can deliver in any codec you need; the standard is a web friendly, high bit rate H264.